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Personal Interactive Website

Aiming at the “healthy sick patient”
The project "Personal Interactive Website" will investigate the potential of developing interactive, targeted and personalized information tailored to surgical elective patients. This patient group only needs to be in contact with the health services - for a short period of time.

The project is targeted at the "healthy sick patient” with orthopedic disorders; for instance in the knee or having a hip replaced in a planned investigation process/treatment at the hospital. The aim is to strengthen the citizens' access to relevant health information material in connection with the investigation and an eventually treatment.

Optimizing patient treatment program
At the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Aarhus University Hospital they work continuously with optimizing patient treatment program care in terms of quality and rationalizing. If the department can customize information and guidance for each patient for the purpose of mastering and shortening hospitalization, the department predicts a healthcare professional quality lift and an economic benefit.

Currently the department has well described patient treatment programs and one of their priorities has been patient involvement and patient empowerment. The idea is that the patient must be an active participant before, during and after surgery on the basis of information and guidance.

The project will provide an opportunity to reuse data and reduce risk of error and duplication of documentation. In the longer term the project will work towards a national implementation, drawing on experience with the prototypes and integration with existing systems.

The cooperation is the starting point for individual instruction
The department of Orthopedic Surgery, Aarhus University Hospital, Caretech Innovation and Capgemini will, in a joint venture, examine existing practices for information and guidance. The project will develop prototypes of a personal interactive website based on ethnographic observations, experiences and user involvement. The prototypes will include a series of bricks, which can be tied together into a bigger comprehensive solution. One of the bricks will be based on the Capgemini Webbooking solution that will make it possible for patients to change their appointments at the hospital.

Initially the focus is on surgical elective patients who need a new knee or a hip replacement.

The project is completed.

Partners: Capgemini; Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery, Aarhus University Hospital; Dept. of Computer Science, Aarhus University; Caretech Innovation
Project period: June 1, 2011 - July 31, 2012
Caretech budget: 1,056,000 DKK

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