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Mobile access for healthcare professionals


In the project "Mobile access for healthcare professionals " we will examine what kind of data doctors and other health professionals want to access via a mobile platform. We will perform a number of ethnographic studies at the regional hospital in Randers and also facilitate workshops with doctors and other healthcare professionals in order to determine the needs for mobile access to healthcare data.

Another important milestone is to develop and test a number of prototypes for use in healthcare professionals every day, paving the way for new products in the health sector that supports the needs identified through the ethnographic studies.

See a video about the use of mock-ups here.

The project is completed.

Partners: Systematic A/S; Randers and Grenaa Regional Hospital; Caretech Innovation
Project period: January 1, 2011 - March 31, 2012
Caretech budget: 1,400,000 DKK

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