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Over an 18 month period, the HemoLab@Home project plans to design and develop a framework for a telemedicine application based on a medical device measuring parameters for haematological diseases monitoring. The framework includes technical as well as organisational components. Specifically for the technical component the framework investigates a human computer interface, a data transmission interface and an integration interface to integrate with the hospital computer systems; and for the organisational component, interaction between patients and the device, communication between the patient and the physician and interaction between the physician, the hospital system and the information provided by the medical device. The organisational and technical parts of the framework are closely interconnected and participatory design will be central in solving the research challenges of the project.

The project is completed.

Partners: Unisensor A/S; Haematology ward, Århus Hospital; Caretech Innovation
Project period: February 1, 2010 - April 30, 2011
Caretech budget: 1,525,000 DKK

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