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Diabetic Complications

Medicus Engineering has developed an apparatus Vagus ™, which can detect a diabetic complication called autonomic neuropathy, before symptoms occur.

The project aims to investigate the use of Vagus ™ in general practice and at home at patients in contrast to today where the measurement is carried out in primary care.

The following questions will be answered: Can the patients, nurses and private practitioners use Vagus ™? Can / should the measurement be made at home or at the general practitioner? How are data from device handled with respect to medical records? The study will consist of an ethnographic study coupled with qualitative and quantitative research methods. Another important focus is a detailed study of data management of home / practice measurements. Results from the survey will be vital for research, the business development of Vagus ™ and socially with respect to risk stratification of diabetics with the purpose of early detection of complications.

The project is completed.

Partners: Århus University Hospital, Århus Hospital, Medical Department; Caretech Innovation
Project period: August 1, 2010 – December 31, 2011
Caretech budget: 585,000 DKK

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