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Caretech Innovation
– a new platform for healthcare IT projects

The Central Denmark Region and The European Regional Development Fund have granted DKK 34.5 million to a 4-year IT effort within pervasive healthcare, ensuring the shortest way between research, implementation and business.

Caretech Innovation will initiate approx. 15 new projects, the aim of which is to create innovative IT solutions in the healthcare sector in the region as well as in the rest of the country and abroad.

All projects will have a clear commercial perspective as well as a high international research level. Furthermore, focus is on user-driven innovation. The projects will be based on needs, experience and potentials of healthcare personnel, citizens and patients.

The vision of Caretech Innovation is to create economically viable, research-based development within healthcare IT. The following seven focus areas have been identified to have a particularly high potential:

  • the future hospital in the future healthcare system
  • homecare and continuity of care
  • independent living
  • acute medicine
  • patients with chronic diseases
  • disabled people
  • biomedical engineering

Caretech Innovation is operated by the Alexandra Institute and is embedded in the Centre for Pervasive Healthcare. The chairman of the board is Erik Stridbæk, former Director, CTO & VP, and the day-to-day management consists of Director, Morten Kyng, Professor at the Dept. of Computer Science, Aarhus University, and Director of the Centre for Pervasive Healthcare, together with Deputy Director, Lone Faber, Area Manager for the Pervasive Healthcare Lab at the Alexandra Institute and Deputy Director of the Centre for Pervasive Healthcare.

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